The main goals of MONERGY are: to increase the inter-regional knowledge of technologies and solutions in the field of Smart Grids, to promote the research and the innovation in ICT by targeting solutions that have an impact on the reduction of energy-consumption within houses by considering the peculiarities of FVG and CAR regions.

General objectives

  • A study related to the energy consumption within homes by giving particular emphasis to the two involved regions.
  • To identify strategies and mechanisms to allow the users to be aware of energy consumption.
  • To determine commonalities and differences in the user energy profiles due to different life styles and/or different device/appliance usage in the two regions.
  • To reinforce the expertize about home-automation systems (domotics) by identifying new applications in the energy efficiency field.
  • To reinforce the relationship between the project partners.
  • To set up collaborations and networking with local universities, companies and research institutes that are involved in ICT, home-automation and energy fields.
  • To disseminate the results and stimulate project follow ups to offer new business opportunities to
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    local SMEs.

Specific research and technical objectives

  • To study data network architectures both wireline and wireless to connect sensors.
  • To research software solutions that enable the control of devices with an open architecture paradigm.
  • To study and realize a validation test bed comprising smart outlets, a data exchange network and a control software that allows for carrying out a real life monitoring campaign.
  • To analyze data from the monitoring campaign to derive energy usage models and thus develop strategies to rationalise energy consumption.