The planned activities are structured into four technical workpackages and two additional ones for management and dissemination. The technical activity will be carried out in WP2-WP5.

WP1 is devoted to the project management activities.

In WP2, we will elaborate the set of requirements for smart home energy monitoring, and we will study the existing solutions in order to identify their gaps w.r.t. the elaborated requirements, i.e., where research and development activities are essential.

WP3 regards the aspects related to the data network and to the software solutions for monitoring and controlling of in-home appliances that have new functionalities. Research activity will be carried out to provide a comprehensible and simple user interface for monitoring the current state of the system and the appliances.

WP4 focuses on the research activity related to the hardware architecture. Robust communication network protocols exploiting both wireline and wireless technologies will be studied. The goal is the realization of a validation test bed comprising smart outlets, a data exchange network and a control software that will allow for carrying out a real life monitoring campaign. We aim at developing an easy to use hardware/software solution so that other tests can be carried out in follow up projects targeting similar applications.

In WP5, in order to get feedback on the applicability of the elaborated concepts, the models will be validated in the lab and real-world test campaign will be carried out. The data from the monitoring campaign will be elaborated so that energy usage models and energy management strategies can be devised aiming at reducing energy consumption.

WP6 is dedicated to the dissemination activities, where the aspects of academic and industrial collaboration and networking, exploitation of results, and open events are targeted.